Dota 2 Premier League starts this week, several pro teams to compete


SteelSeries and TwitchTV have announced the third season of the Dota 2 Premier League, which starts this Wednesday, October 3rd, and runs for nine weeks and 45 matches. The prize pool is just $6,000, with $3,000 awarded for the first-place finisher, but the tournament still features some big-name North American and European teams like Dignitas, Fnatic, compLexity, and Counter Logic.

Matches will stream via The Premier League’s Twitch channel, although you can also buy an online ticket via the Dota 2 store and watch the matches from inside the client.

Matches occur weekly, Wednesday through Friday nights, at 6 PM Central European time (5 PM UK / 12 PM Eastern), and then Sundays will see two matches, starting at the same time. The opener this Wednesday features Quantic and Empire, and the full schedule is available here. Matt “A_Spec” Hoving will cast the matches throughout the season.

It may be a smaller tournament, and the stakes are certainly paltry compared to something like The International. Still,the competition should be strong and evenly matched, setting the stage for some good games over the coming weeks.