Free to Play had 5.5 million viewers on its debut weekend

5.5 million viewers watched Free to Play on its first weekend

It seems like rather a lot of you watched Free to Play, Valve’s documentary following a trio of Dota 2 pros as they prepare for and compete in the first International. 5.5 million of you, in fact. That’s 5.5 million viewers in the opening weekend, which is one of the largest debuts for a documentary film. Impressive stuff. 

It’s worth noting, of course, that most documentary films have a limited release in the cinema, which doesn’t draw the crowds it used to, whereas Free to Play debuted on the largest gaming distribution platform and cost nothing to watch.

Regardless, that’s a very large number and is no doubt being considered a massive success by Valve.

Have any of you fine folk directed your eyes towards it? Was it a rollercoaster of emotions? Should I make sure I bring a box of tissues when I finally carve out enough time to watch it?