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RoX.KIS StarLadder ban lifted as Solo departs


In the wake of the RoX.KIS betting scandal, team member Solo has left the Dota 2 team. With Solo now gone, RoX.KIS have been granted permission to continue playing in the Starladder tournament, despite being previously issued a three year ban. 

As reported at dotacinema, RoX.KIS have removed Solo from their roster and replaced him with Artem ‘Sharfik’ Marzavin, who will play as a temporary member of the team. This alteration of the team’s members means that RoX.KIS can move on to participate in StarLadder and other tournaments. Whilst the ban has been revoked for StarLadder, the tournament’s organisers are reportedly still thinking about the team’s future in the competition. They have made it very clear though that Solo will be unable to play anymore, issuing him with a lifetime ban.

“Guys, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry … I kept it as a secret from my team … and could not admit it at once. I apologise to all community and in particular to those who have supported us, for my actions. Apologies also to “Starladder” all RoX.KIS.team and my teammates. I strongly let you down, I’m sorry, lads, I’ll be cheering for you, hope you find a good player and will continue to delight everyone with your play and streams.” commented Solo.

The manager of Dota2 team PoDoX also offer commentary on the situation: “Unfortunately, all presented for Solo accusations were confirmed, and he confessed to the crime. Alexei using “tournament situation” (match not mean anything in terms of points), a secret from the other team members to put money on the enemy, and then made all the that its bid has played (choice of heroes, the management team action). Despite the motives (whatever they are) and the fact that Solo had a great reputation and a great level of play, such an act Alexei dashed all past achievements, and among the players RoX.KIS he now has no place. On a personal note I want to apologize to the organizers SLTV Starseries, to all lovers of Dota2 and especially to our fans for such an incident. Many of you, no matter what, supporting our team in the comments on various sites – we saw it, we appreciate it, thank you so much!”

RoX.KIS will play with the roster of Sharfik, Dread, VANSKOR, yol, and BzzIsPerfect, with Sharfik being replaced with a fifth, permanent team member in the future.