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Front-page splash: Dovetail Games Fishing to exit Early Access ahead of October release

Dovetail Games Fishing

Dovetail Games Fishing is the angling simulator designed to have you up to your nicky-nacky-noos trout fishing IRL. And it’s been doing an increasingly good job of it in Early Access – so much so that the game will disappear from sale next Tuesday, pending its release in late October.

Players angling to offer feedback in the very final stages of DGF’s development will be able to access the game via closed beta. That’ll be open from September 8th to anyone with a copy of the Early Access version.

“It’s been a new and eye-opening experience for us to take this game through the Early Access process,” said development director Darren Potter. “The feedback we have received from players has been instrumental in helping us to shape the game design and gameplay, although we have learnt the importance of being very focused in the information we ask for.

“Whilst it’s impossible to integrate every single request we’ve received, we hope that the final game we have created meets our consumers’ high standards.”

I’m a fan in particular of the complex AI systems that govern the movements of your quarry. Since the water obscures most of their movements, you’re left to predict their behaviour and look for telltale signs on the surface. That sound like your sort of thing?