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Dr Disrespect says he fired his ‘director’ after getting banned from Twitch

In his first tweet since a ban for streaming in a bathroom, the streamer says he's fired his fictional director, Alex

Dr Disrespect says that his director has been fired following the infamous broadcast that saw the streamer banned from Twitch. In a tweet last night – his first since announcing he was going live for his first IRL stream earlier this week – the Doc told fans that “mishaps lead to recaps.”

The tweet, which we’ve embedded further down this story, appears to be a highlight reel from an IRL stream that took place at E3 earlier this week. That stream came to an abrupt end after Dr Disrespect was banned from Twitch and E3 after continuing his broadcast from inside a public bathroom – an offence in California. At the time of writing, his Twitch channel is still unavailable.

For several days, Doc went radio silent, the recent tweet appears to be his first response to the incident. As well as telling fans about his mishaps, the streamer announced that a full video of his (limited) time at the conference was on its way, but also said that “P.S. – my director Alex was fired.”

Long-term fans of the streamer will be aware that that’s running joke – Doc has hired and fired his mythical director/editor/lackey ‘Alex’ multiple times over the past few years. While he’s having a bit of fun here, however, both the streamer and his cameraman could face legal action for their behaviour.

Several streamers have spoken out about the ban over the past days. Ninja, TimtheTatman, and Tfue all had something to say about Dr Disrespect, with Tyler Blevins stating that “when you break the rules, you get punished.”

The video, which you can check out above, mostly features the streamer poking fun at fans and exhibitors throughout the event, including telling a Ubisoft representative that the company’s press conference was a “three out of ten.” Given how hyped I am for Watch Dogs Legion, however, that’s an assessment I’m going to have to disagree with.