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Shroud on Dr Disrespect: “He will be unbanned, without a doubt”

The popular streamers responded differently to Dr Disrespects punishment for a bathroom-based IRL Twitch stream

June 15, 2019 Now Shroud has weighed in on Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban, and he doesn’t expect it to stick.

After his first IRL Twitch stream inside a bathroom at E3 2019, Guy “Dr Disrespect” Beahm, the popular streamer was summarily banned from the platform and had his E3 pass revoked. In the wake of the Dr Disrespect Twitch ban, other streamers have reacted, some condemning his actions and some expressing their support.

During a Fallout 76 stream, Shroud was reluctant to call it a mistake when those recorded trips to the bathroom are said to have happened multiple times. “Is it a mistake if you do it four times? No. First time, I can somewhat let it slide. Three times after that, there’s nothing you could say. Just RIP. You could maybe say something the first time. Three other times, it’s just like ‘welp.'”

Still, Shroud’s convinced Doc’s ban won’t last. “He’ll be unbanned, for sure. Who knows what happens to the legal side. But he will be unbanned, without a doubt.” You can see the full clip on Twitch (via Dot Esports).


Tyler “Ninja” Blevins (spotted by Kotaku) said “It’s a no-brainer, dude” on Twitter. “I love him, but when you break the rules you get punished, it’s that simple.” TimTheTatman appeared more sympathetic on stream: “It was the best content I’ve ever seen – until he walked into the bathroom,” he said. “What are you doing, man? I love Doc. I would like to think it was just a lapse of judgement.”

However, other streamers responded differently. Tfue – the Fortnite star “too stupid” to start his own esports organisation – also took to Twitter to post “Free @drdirespect”. That said, it was accompanied by a picture of himself made to look like the mustachioed online personality, so it’s not exactly the most serious when it comes to messages of support.

In his inaugural IRL stream, Doc decided to film his day at E3, followed with his cameraman in tow. It might be mostly fine to film people in public without their consent under California state law, but his cameraman followed him into the bathroom, violating a space in which people should expect privacy, and not to be broadcast to thousands of live viewers.

This is by no means the outspoken streamer’s first transgression, but the fact that Twitch resorted to banning him – usually a very rare occurrence – shows the gravity of the situation.

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In the runup to the show, Doc caused controversy on Twitter by claiming that “mobile gamers are not real gamers.” Further back in time, after dying to the red zone in PUBG, he called the developers of the game “braindead”. While the immediate ban shows how serious Twitch are, it remains to be seen if it’s permanent, or just a temporary punishment.