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Dragon Age: Inquisition followers are scared of horses, won’t be sold as DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Mass Effect fans were less than pleased when AI companions were packaged off and sold as DLC, so there’s been a worry for a while that Bioware may do the same with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mike Laidlaw, creative director for the game, put that fear to bed over the weekend but raised another.

Followers disappear at the sight of horses.

Firstly, that bed I talked about:

Now, that disappearance act. In Inquisition you’ll have ridable mounts for the first time in the series. One of Laidlaw’s followers asked whether your followers would have their own mounts. Apparently not:

It seems that one thing all your followers have in common is a deep seated fear of horses, best of all the animals.

This has wider implications than giving me an opportunity to link to a looped song clip. Bioware added a colour to the world of Dragon Age by having your followers talk to each other as you explored its environments. Depending on who you selected to accompany you would alter which conversations you would hear.

If you insist on mounting up then you’ll miss out on all that, and more

Unfortunately, there will be no flying mounts.

Other details Laidlaw revealed was the new focus on set piece battles:

An increase in the base level difficulty:

(While keeping the ability to change difficulty mid-play.)

And, Cole’s magical trousers:

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