New, free Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC released, now with extra dragons

A dragon perches atop a castle.


Bioware have just released two new pieces of DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition for free. Together, they add multiplayer PvDragon battles and high-level stores for players with… unconventional desires.

Today, Dragon Age players can download the Dragonslayer Multiplayer Expansion and The Black Emporium (which is maybe less awesome than it sounds at first).

According to a press release, the Multiplayer expansion “adds thrilling dragon battles into the multiplayer dungeon crawling experience alongside expansive new unique maps and three new playable characters: an Avvar Skywatcher, a Virtuoso whose music is deadly, and Isabela, the Raider Queen of the Eastern Seas.”

Not bad, and I do like dragon-battling.

The Black Emporium is, well, a set of high-level stores that dispense rare and powerful items. It also allows players to change their appearance.

Both expansions are available right now.