Dragon Age: Inquisition releases Fall 2014, promises “a new level of immersion”


What’s that, you wanted “a visually stunning next-gen RPG experience?” One with “better player interaction, choices that matter… a new level of immersion?” Are you ready for a game that will take “role-playing games to the next level?”

You better be, because Dragon Age: Inquisition is BRINGING IT. If you weren’t already excited about Dragon Age: Inquisition, EA unleashed a barrage of buzzwords at their Gamescom press conference that should have you counting the days until its Fall 2014 release.

It was a little hard to get much substance from a developer video diary, especially with all the marketing-speak, but there were a few things to be excited about. For one thing, the player is not on some typical hero’s journey where you rise from nothing to do great things. No, you are apparently the head of the Inquisition, established to protect the world of Thedas from a demon invasion from another realm.

Okay, it’s all a little reminiscent of Warcraft’s Burning Legion, but at least as the head of a powerful and potentially totalitarian organization, you should be facing different sorts of dilemmas than the usual RPG fare. You have a legion of warriors at your disposal, and it sounds like you’ll be tasked with the sort of “burn the village in order to save it” that can accompany demonic invasion. Sounds like Bioware are bringing some Mass Effect stylings to Dragon Age.

Here’s the developer world reveal:

And the CG trailer: