Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer shows off Orlesian decadence, lovely forests and the Frostbite engine

Dragon Age: Inquisition environments

Frostbite-powered Thedas is looking very pretty, if a little bleak. Certainly not something you could say about the world as it was presented in Dragon Age: Origins or II. Apart from the bleak bit, of course. 

This brand-spanking new Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer is all about places! Screw people; they aren’t nearly as nice to look at as sun-dappled forests or ostentatious ballrooms. And Inquisition has those things. Look below before you call me a liar. 

It’s certainly making the most out of the new engine, which has been put to a much more aesthetically pleasing task than it was in Battlefield. Not sure about the floating island hellscape, though. I mean, I wouldn’t want to spend a week there. It might be the Fade, as that had impossible, physics-defying terrain as I recall.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will arrive this Autumn, which is convenient, because that’s when I lock myself indoors out of fear of falling leaves and torrential rain.