Dragon Age lead writer departs the series to work on an upcoming Bioware game

David Gaider Dragon Age

Bioware’s lead writer on the Dragon Age series, David Gaider, has announced that he’s to leave the series, instead working on an upcoming and unannounced Bioware project. He represents over a decade of expertise on the Dragon Age games, and while sad, is equally optimistic about his new project.

“While it’s hard to leave Dragon Age behind, 10 years is a long time to work on any one project. I decided it was time for something new.” said Gaider.

David Gaider made the announcement via his Twitter account.

Regardless of the move, Gaider is pretty confident that Dragon Age has a prosperous future yet. “I am happy, however, to leave Dragon Age in good hands” explained Gaider. “Patrick Weekes will be lead writer once I’m gone. I can’t think of anyone better.”

The new project that he’s working on is a mystery. Bioware’s newest IP, Shadow Realms, was executed last month. What do you think the project is about?

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