Dragon Age meets Total War in this total conversion mod

Total War comes to Thedas, as this Medieval 2 total conversion mod brings Bioware's fantasy RPG to the strategy series

Dragon Age 4

With Total War: Three Kingdoms on the horizon, it could be a while until we get another foray into fantasy from the acclaimed strategy series. Total Warhammer is sure to make a comeback at some point, but to tide you over until then, a team of modders have been working to bring Dragon Age to Total War.

The mod, which you can check out over on ModDB (via PCGamer) is a “total conversion for Medieval 2 Total War: Kingdoms,” based on Bioware’s fantasy series. It features 21 factions from across the world of Thedas, each with its own fully kitted-out roster, resulting in around 350 unique units.

The team behind the mod says that their end goal is “to create a unique slant” on Bioware’s IP, and they say that there are plenty more stories hidden within the world. With that in mind, the mod “will attempt to portray the unique aspects, cultures, and nations” of Dragon Age, although it’s worth bearing in mind that you won’t get to explore it just yet.

The team says that plenty has been achieved on the 2D aspect of the mod, as well as its programming. The mod’s mapper, who goes by SoulGamesInc, says that their work on the Ferelden map is “more or less 90%” complete, and that they’ll be moving on to The Dales and Orlais next. The campaign map should be ready before the end of 2019.

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If you’re itching for another Dragon Age fix, this is likely to be your best bet for a while. There’s no Dragon Age 4 release date just now, but we do know that the game was in the early stages of development in mid-2017. Much of Bioware’s energy over the past year or so, however, is likely to have gone into Anthem, and reports suggest that Dragon Age 4 won’t launch actually release until 2021. With that in mind, it’s either time to start up a trilogy-long replay, or start familiarising yourself with Total War.