Dragon Age 4 Dreadwolf release date estimate and latest news

Here's everything we know about the Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date, the latest from developer Blizzard, including its trailer and recent news.

Dragon Age 4 release date

When is the Dragon Age 4 release date? Dragon Age 4 is real and in production at BioWare but where will the story go next? And which of our favorite characters will return?

Bioware has officially announced the title, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, and it already looks set to make our lists of the best PC games and best RPG games. So far, we’ve had a cryptic teaser trailer about Dreadwolf, suggestions of potential multiplayer, and heaps of clues to its story courtesy of various interviews and tweets with developers and writers who have worked on previous Dragon Age games. BioWare has also teased more about the eponymous Dread Wolf’s part to play: “Solas, the Dread Wolf. Some say he might be an ancient elven god, but some say not. Others say a betrayer of his people…or a savior who now seeks to rescue them at the cost of your world.”

Dragon Age 4 release date estimate

The Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date will be sometime after Summer 2024. This is based on a recent EA financial report stating the company’s plans for the current year, as well as the news of a full reveal of the game in Summer 2024.

We still have no news on whether it’s coming to Steam or just the EA App, though recent EA games are available on both stores.

Players were hoping to get their hands on the fantasy game in 2023, but the game was missing from EA’s financial plans for its fiscal year 2024, which includes April 2023 through to March 2024.

However, on Dragon Age Day, 4 December 2023, EA announced that it would be revealing Dragon Age Dreadwolf in Summer 2024. Alongside this, a new trailer was revealed.

Dragon Age 4 trailers

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In December 2023, EA revealed a Dragon Age Dreadwolf trailer that showcased locations players would visit in the game. Firstly we’re shown Thedas, which fans of the series will recognize as a repeating location throughout the games, comics, books, and art of the Dragon Age series. The trailer shows the areas of the badlands of the Anderfels with huge spires and Weisshapt. We’re shown the canals and towers of Antiva which houses the crows, the gleaming blue seas of Rivain, and Treviso. These never-before-seen regions will feature in Dreadwolf.

The trailer promises players will get to visit locations they’ve “longed to go to” as well as some that have never even been heard of before. In an EA blog post accompanying the trailer, it was revealed that community artists worked alongside to create stunning vistas of the three regions in the video.

In this very short teaser, we see Solas. He’s an elven apostate hedge mage who just so happens to be an expert on the Fade and was a prominent companion in Dragon Age: Inquisition. We see some of the locations in the upcoming Dragon Age adventure, as well as a few monster and class designs. We’re most intrigued by Solas’ description of the player character. “No magic hand, no ancient prophecy. The kind of person they’ll never see coming”.

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The Game Awards 2018 gave us our very first official glimpse at Dragon Age 4 in the form of this brief teaser trailer called The Dread Wolf Rises. The trailer also features Solas, suggesting the game will take place after Dragon Age Inquisition. We can also spot the Lyrium idol that appears in Dragon Age 2, although it’s impossible to infer anything from this.

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Dragon Age 4 development

A word from sources within BioWare suggested that the game would be “live”, leading to concerns from players about Dragon Age becoming a Destiny-like multiplayer game. BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson tweeted about these fears, emphasizing that the live elements would be focused on continuing the story after the main narrative is over.

It has since been confirmed that Dragon Age 4 will not be getting multiplayer. According to the report, the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the failure of Anthem were contributing factors behind this decision, though there was push-back from BioWare to make it a single-player game before this.

Though recent updates on Dragon Age 4 development have been few and far between, thanks to a tweet from Mark Darrah, fans have been reassured that the fourth Dragon Age game is still on its way. Darrah explains that though the team is now working from home, and ‘working from home is harder’, they’re ‘making progress.’

It was announced BioWare is laying off 50 staff members, including Dragon Age veterans. BioWare insists that Dreadwolf is in active development, with studio manager Gary McKay saying “our commitment remains steadfast, and we all are working to make this game worthy of the Dragon Age name. We are confident that we’ll have the time needed to ensure Dreadwolf reaches its full potential.”

The developers have encouraged fans to ask Dreadwolf-related questions that they can answer in one of their Bioware Community Updates. There are certain questions like ‘when is the next trailer coming out?’ or ‘what’s the release date’ that the devs aren’t going to answer right now, but they promise to remain communicative during the game’s development.

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Dragon Age 4 story

A Gamescom 2020 showing touched on some story elements of the next Dragon Age game. The first thing is that we’ll get to see new areas and interact with the people who live there, too. While this is far from groundbreaking, it is a definite suggestion that we’ll be exploring entirely fresh regions of Thedas in the Dragon Age 4 story.

From the same video, lead writer Patrick Weekes explains that “for the game we’re working on now, we want to tell a story of ‘what happens when you don’t have power?’ and the people in charge aren’t willing to address the issues.” Again, this is all very vague, but we get the impression we won’t be starting off the story as a powerful noble or mighty mage.

While no concrete details of Dragon Age 4’s story have been revealed, we do know that Alexis Kennedy, founder of Failbetter Games, has been involved in the game’s writing. In May 2017, he revealed he worked for BioWare on a chunk of story and lore. His plotline is said to be separate from the core story but more substantial than background lore drops. In short: expect characters with dialogue and backstory.

“If you’ve seen a lot of my work before, you will probably not be surprised by the choice of subject matter. It’s familiar stuff,” Kennedy told Eurogamer, suggesting that there will likely be a strange, Lovecraftian feel to his section, or at least a focus on death or loss. Perhaps it will be set in the Fade, Dragon Age’s demonic dimension?

Aside from that, any details about Dragon Age 4’s plot are purely guesswork. After the success of Inquisition, it is a sensible bet that the next game could be a direct sequel, as opposed to a largely standalone story set in the same universe as the series has been so far.

The end of Inquisition saw trickster elf Solas – revealed to be the god of betrayal Fen’Harel – disappear, and the Trespasser DLC concluded with the Inquisitor vowing to track him down and stop his plan to destroy the world. It makes sense that a sequel would cast Solas as the key villain and deal with halting his plans to usher in a new age for the ancient elves.

The Dread Wolf Rises trailer does offer some context for the new Dragon Age game, as it features Solas we can assume the game will follow on from the events of Inquisition and its Trespasser DLC.

Dragon Age 4 locations

We may have been shown some brief clips of brand-new Dragon Age 4 environments at EA Play 2020. The first of the three scenes features a large, creepy-looking tree covered in thick, faintly glowing growths in a snowy graveyard. The second has a stone archway surrounded by water, with bright red tendrils bursting from the rock. The third scene features more of these luminous tendrils growing in a fortress, framing an ominously pulsating stone egg.

Though these scenes are all labeled with ‘work in progress’, and we shouldn’t expect to visit these exact locales come to the Dragon Age 4 release date, they at least serve to set the scene and give us a small indication of what awaits us – a dark, foreboding world, glowing with magical corruption.

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Yet more scenes were shown off at Gamescom 2020, mostly in the form of concept art, including ‘work in progress’ environments.

There was a huge diversity in the types of environments and architecture in the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video, with mountains, underwater areas, dark forests, and desert lands glimpsed. Below you can view a gallery of some of the scenes.

Our favorites are the underwater treasure hunting scene, the view of the Venetian city, and the landscape full of floating boulders. The amount of concept we saw for oceanic areas suggests we may be heading to the Boeric Oceans in the next Dragon Age game. Of course, this is just concept art, so there’s every chance we won’t see most of these locales by the time Dragon Age 4 ships.

That’s everything we know about Dragon Age 4 at the moment, but once we get a whiff of a Dragon Age Dreadwolf release date, we’ll be sure to update you. While you wait, why don’t you check out our guide on the best dragon games? We have some cool recommendations to keep you occupied.