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Dragon Ball FighterZ console open beta scheduled for January 14-15

Dragonball Fighterz

Update December 18, 2016: The latest, and likely final, Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer is now available in English, along with much more footage from a recent event.

A recent Bandai Namco event showcased a batch of new characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ, including a pink haired Goku and a very serious looking cat.

It’s hard not to be excited for Dragon Ball FighterZ, after all we’ve seen of it so far. It’s an easy pick for our Most Anticipated in 2018 list, and rubbing shoulders with some great company, too.

The English version of the trailer is available above, while ResetEra are tracking new gameplay videos being uploaded by various folks who were at the event.

There’s also a console-only open beta happening on January 14 and 15, with preorders getting access on the 13th.

That’s only a couple of weeks ahead of the official release on January 26, so it’s unlikely a significant amount will change between this and the final version. However, it will be the first opportunity for everyone to experience the final systems and roster, many of which weren’t in the first beta in 2017.

For a break down of the new footage, here’s fighting game YouTuber Maximilian. He’s likely to have been hands on with the new characters as well, so expect more from him soon, and he streamed roughly all of the last beta so you’ll see him on Twitch once that kicks off as well.

Original story December 16, 2017:Another day, another three characters unveiled for the increasingly exciting-looking Dragon Ball FighterZ, the latest fighting game from Guilty Gear studio Arc System Works.

This time, we get an early peek at Beerus, Hit and Goku Black, three picks from the new Dragon Ball Super anime/manga series. They might look unusual to those who grew up with Frieza and Cell as antagonists, but they’re no less entertaining for it. Plus, Krillin explodes.

Don’t feel too bad. Krillin explodes all the time. When you decide to hang around with Goku, regular violent deaths are a normal occupational hazard anyway. Plus, he ends up marrying Android 18. How’s that for karma being paid off with interest?

So, about those three new characters. Beerus is undeniably the best of the bunch. The capricious cat-like God of Destruction plays an on again, off again antagonist role. He’s been known to blow up planets out of boredom, but can be quite friendly if you get to know him.

It’s probably no surprise that he’s modelled closely after Akira Toriyama’s own cat.

Second up is Hit. Boring name, but he looks to be a fun character to play with. He’s a legendary alien assassin with the ability to manipulate time. Not much story behind this guy – he’s largely just there for an interdimensional fighting tournament – but it’ll be great to see how Arc System Works expand on his powers and adapt them into gameplay mechanics.

Last up is Goku Black. Rather than just being a reskin, he’s probably more akin to an Akuma type, as compared to Ryu, with a completely different move-set. Despite having Goku’s power, he’s a very different character too, and arch-antagonist of one of Dragon Ball Super’s later story arcs.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set to be released on January 25th for all platforms, including PC, and you can preorder or wishlist it via Steam here. After having sunk a good few hours into the recent public beta test, I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be giving Marvel Vs Capcom a run for its money in the tag-team fighter arena.