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Brutal roguelike platform game filled with death is out now on Steam

Dragon is Dead is out now in early access and you can plumb its depths in a beautiful pixel art world filled with powerful enemies.

Brutal roguelike platform game filled with death is out now on Steam: Several characters from Dragon is Dead look at the viewer, like a movie poster.

The first thing that comes to mind when you take a look at Dragon is Dead is undoubtedly a comparison to Blasphemous. With similar religious vibes, beautiful pixel art, and lashings of blood, it’s inevitable the two will get mentioned in the same breath. See the game in action, however, and you’ll realize that this is a completely different beast.

While obviously sharing some DNA, both are platform games where you hack and slash your way through enemies and defeat bosses, Dragon is Dead has plenty to differentiate itself. For a start, it’s focused more around trying out different builds to defeat bosses and make progress, as there are buckets of loot for you to nab, equip, and test. It’s not just a case of a couple of weapons and a linear upgrade path, Dragon is Dead greatly encourages you to go back to the drawing board and try different things. You’re not just stuck as one character either. A few different classes exist, each with their own upgrade paths and abilities, meaning you can choose to play in the way that best suits you.

Secondly, it’s a roguelike. It’s expected that you’ll die, and die often, in your quest to defeat the villain behind the world’s corruption. When you die you’ll be able to keep some equipment and upgrades, helping you inch a little further each time. In fine roguelike tradition though, it’s knowledge which is always the most powerful tool you have. Being free to fail, start over, fail again, means you can learn boss attack patterns, layouts, and get the hang of your weapons without fear. Or rather, less fear.

While on the surface Dragon is Dead may appear familiar, it’s much more a mashup of several different genres combining into something that’s incredibly compelling. If I were to try and nail down what it reminds me of, imagine a classic Castlevania mixed with Rogue Legacy and a sprinkling of Diablo 4, and you’ll be close.

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Dragon is Dead is out now in Steam Early Access and you can head over to the game page to check it out for yourself.

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