With Dragon Quest 12 in development, series creator teases “all sorts of announcements”

Square Enix is making Dragon Quest 12. You probably could’ve guessed that without any sort of official announcement, but series creator Yuji Horii confirmed that the game was in the works back in January 2020. Things have been quiet on the DQ12 news front since then, but now Horii is teasing a big set of announcements for 2021.

“Next year, Dragon Quest will celebrate its 35th anniversary,” Horii said at the recent DQ10 Fall Festival, as translated by Gematsu. “I believe we will be able to make all sorts of announcements in regards to that. And there is still a whole lot of fun to look forward to in Astoltia [from the MMORPG DQ10]. Please continue to support Dragon Quest in the future.”

While Dragon Quest 12 has been confirmed, we’ve gotten no concrete information on what to expect. Back in January, Horii said that DQ12 is “still a little while ahead”, so even if we do get a proper announcement for the 35th anniversary, don’t expect the actual game to release any time soon.

There are, of course, plenty of other announcements besides DQ12 that this anniversary event could bring – Dragon Quest has had plenty of spinoffs over the years, and the Adventure of Dai anime series is in line for a videogame adaptation. (Personally, I think Dragon Quest Builders 3 would be even more exciting than a new mainline entry. So ‘hint hint’, Square Enix.)

As for the publisher’s other massively popular series of RPG games, Final Fantasy 16 development is well underway, and a teaser website is starting to list character details. Your JRPG needs are going to be covered one way or another.