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Dragon’s Dogma is coming to PC; watch your backs, griffins

Dragon's Dogma coming to PC

Everyone remembers the first time they climbed up an angry griffin, tugging on feathers and frantically stabbing the huge beast to bring it down. Well, everyone who had the good fortune to play Capcom’s surprisingly excellent Dragon’s Dogma. 

The open world RPG and console exclusive was seemingly destined to stick with its launch platforms, but over three years later, Capcom have announced that Dragon’s Dogma is escaping and launching on PC. 

If you suffer from memory loss or you just weren’t paying attention three years ago, here’s a quick primer: Dragon’s Dogma is an open world RPG that tasks you with wandering a lovely green fantasy land, hunting down big monsters. There are smaller monsters too, but they are merely minor obstacles for you to overcome as you search for dragons and giants and griffins.

Two things make Dragon’s Dogma stand out. The first is the use of NPC allies, called Pawns, which can be rented to other players, who might give you a gift in thanks for their services. Pawns are a hoot, too, as you can pick them up and throw them around, because they are your employees and that’s your right.

Arguably more important than the Pawns are the monsters. What makes Dragon’s Dogma’s combat a bit special is that the larger beasties are like huge, dangerous climbing frames. You can stand back and pepper them with arrows and spells, but combat is at its best when you’re climbing up them and hanging on for dear life. It’s evocative of Shadow of the Colossus, though the creatures are a bit smaller and a lot quicker.

It’s the Dark Arisen version that we’re getting, an enhanced edition of the game that incorporates all of the DLC, plus a whole bunch of extra items and fast travel system. It originally launched in 2013 on consoles. It’ll be launching on January 2016 will full Steam support for £23.99/$29.99. You can take a gander at what it looks like on PC here.