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Dream Daddy is now out! Go get your dad love

Dream Daddy

Update: Dream Daddy is now out, you can grab it on Steam for £10.99 / $14.99 / €14.99.

Update July 20, 2017: Dream Daddy has been delayed, again, due to problems with getting it actually live on Steam.

Those desperate for dad love (aren’t we all) were disappointed again last night when Dream Daddy failed to launch for the second time. Rather than the development issues that caused last week’s problems, this was some sort of Steam error, though the development team haven’t gone into details.

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In a series of tweets last night, the official account explained that the game was on Steam and good to go, but wouldn’t unlock. They offered this explanation when pressed:

A couple of hours after it was supposed to launch, they released a final tweet saying that everyone was going home and they’d figure it outtoday. They also mentioned that review copies were live, meaning the game was watchableon Twitch. I’m not a community manager but I’m not sure ‘other people can play it, just not you’ is quite the message to send in this situation. There were some predictably angry responses.

That aside, we’ve actually seen this happen before. It usually comes down to the developer or Steam having forgotten or made a mistake with a final step in the certification process. Usually those delays last up to three days, but hopefully the Dream Daddy folks can get it moving faster than that. Expect updates later today, either way.

Original story July 19, 2017:Dream Daddy, a dating game about chatting up dads, is out on Steam very soon. Please be excited. The goal of the game is to romance hot dads, and there are seven fondleable fathers in total. Basically, it’s daddy as you-know-what.

The game even allows you to create your own dad. Not actually your own dad – don’t do that, it’d be weird. It has a character creator, ok?

Anyway, it’s out soon. Here’s exactly when:

  • 8pm PT
  • 9pm UTC
  • 11pm EDT
  • 4am BST
  • 5am CEST
  • 8:30am IST

Check out Dream Daddy on Steam.