Drone is a sci-fi arena shooter where the community builds gorgeous futurescapes


Drone, the developers say, is being made by five people. If you watch the trailer above, I’m sure you will agree that this is impressive, because it looks stunning. 

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The developers have managed to achieve this level of fidelity because they’ve built the core – the systems, the assets and the rules – but the rest will be created by the community with an in-depth creation tool.

Drone’s community will build all the varied droids that players pilot into battle, sharing their creations online. They will also build the battlefields themselves, from molten volcanoes to hollowed out construction sites.

Further variety will come with different weather types such as meteor showers and torrential rain, which will seemingly swoop in at random and change the feel of maps.

It’s still early days, but the developers are gauging interest and are considering crowdfunding if there’s enough.

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