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I’m a big Tolkien fan, and I need this new Rohan gaming keyboard

This new LOTR PC gaming keyboard has a tenkeyless design, and features gorgeous keycaps, mechanical switches, and Rohan livery.

Drop Lord of the Rings Rohan gaming keyboard

If Grima Wormtongue were a PC gamer, I’m sure he’d be hissing into Theoden’s ear about giving him this Lord of the Rings gaming keyboard right now – I know I would be. Drop has gone all out on the LOTR styling on this tenkeyless LOTR gaming keyboard, which is clad in the horsey livery of the kingdom of Rohan, and it’s gorgeous.

We’ve previously been impressed by keyboards from the Drop, ahem, stable, and in our recent Drop CSTM80 review, we described the unit’s quality as “fantastic”, and it ended up being featured on our best gaming keyboard guide. Drop was recently acquired by Corsair, which also produces some great mechanical keyboard designs.

Back to this Lord of the Rings gaming keyboard, there are two color options available, each named after a city in Rohan. The Aldburg model features a green anodized aluminum chassis, with white, green, and cream-colored keys, while the Edoras flavor has a brown keyboard, with white, brown, and cream-colored keycaps.

It’s a tenkeyless model with 87 keys, based on the Drop Entr design, and there are nods to the kingdom of Rohan on the dye-sublimated PBT keycaps too. These include a trio of horses on the Return key, a knotwork pattern on the Spacebar, and horses on both the Windows and menu keys. Meanwhile, the cursor keys are surrounded by a detailed crest based on the Rohan flag, with two horses facing out from either side.

Even the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause keys have been given the LOTR treatment, with icons of a helmet, throne, and knotwork pattern respectively. To top it all off, the font used on the keycap legends looks gloriously Tolkien-esque, as if the letters have been drawn on with a calligraphy pen. A keycap puller is also included in the box, although the Holy Panda X key switches aren’t hot-swappable.

Drop Lord of the Rings Rohan gaming keyboards

Meanwhile, a white backlight illuminates the keyboard, and it hooks up to your PC with a standard USB-C connection. The Drop Lord of the Rings Rohan keyboard price is $149, which makes it $50 more expensive than a standard Drop Entr keyboard, although it does look lovely.  Meanwhile, the Drop Lord of the Rings Rohan keyboard release date is March 22, 2024, for shipping if you pre-order it now.

Meanwhile, make sure you check out our best mini gaming keyboard buying guide if you’re in the market for a keyboard that won’t take over your desk. As a fan of all things Tolkien, though, I absolutely want one of these new Rohan keyboards to sit on top of my Middle Earth map mousepad.