Funding for the ambitious MMO Dual Universe tops $7 million

Dual Universe

Dual Universe developers Novaquark have raised an additional $3.7 million to support the game as it moves to Alpha release towards the end of this year.

With the $670K raised via crowdfunding – plus donations from other private backers – this takes the total funding amount to an astonishing $7.4 million to build the first online virtual reality civilisation.

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“Last year, Dual Universe became the third highest funded video game on Kickstarter, collecting more than $670K from over 8,000 backers,” says JC Baillie, CEO at Novaquark, in a press statement. “With this new round of funding, we have reached a new level of support that will help the project reach its full potential.”

Dual Universe wants to focus on “emergent gameplay and content building, with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare.” It’s a hugely ambitious project that aims to provide a single universe with potentially millions of people interacting in it at the same time.

As yet we don’t know more about release dates, Alpha or otherwise, nor do we know precisely what players will get for that $7.4 million investment. We’ll keep you posted, though.

For more about Dual Universe, check out this interview with Baillie, in which we talked about Dual Universe’s dizzying ambition to be on of the most far-reaching MMO in development today.