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Sony could finally be bringing an official DualShock adapter to PC


A recent PlayStation 4 filing suggests Sony are looking to create a bluetooth adapter that lets the DualShock 4 controller work wirelessly with PC.

Can you see yourself playing any of our upcoming PC games list with a DualShock?

The filing, lodged with the US FTC, was appropriately discovered by DualShockers and showed the following image: 


With the PlayStation 4 boasting built-in bluetooth connectivity, it's most likely the device is aimed at PC players. If you own a console and a PC, the statistics say you're more likely to own a PS4, so this will probably be excellent news to quite a few of you out there.

I personally play most third-person games with an Xbox One controller. I prefer the DualShock, but games still show prompts for Xbox, which is kinda irritating when 'X' flashes up and you tap the wrong button. Hopefully the release of an official adapter will prompt more devs to include PlayStation control schemes in their PC releases. 

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Jack1982cp avatarKirk McKeand avatarHersheySquirtle avatar0V3RKILL avatarVeganGaro avatarDuoBlaze avatar
HersheySquirtle Avatar
1 Year ago

I have no problem pairing and using a DualShock 4 with my computer, and DS4Windows acts as a go-between to add the all-important Xinput "support." But yeah, I would definitely be down for official driver support—as well as implementation of △○×□ on-screen prompts.

Jack1982cp Avatar
1 Year ago

Huh, I didn't even know there was a program (that isn't a gigantic pain in the $#%) to let you use a PS4 controller with a PC. I've always preferred Sony's controllers so...I suppose it's time I spent another $50 lol.

Kirk McKeand Avatar
1 Year ago

It's called DS4Windows. Easy to set up, but doesn't work with every game.

DuoBlaze Avatar
1 Year ago

InputMapper already works perfectly and even allows me to disable the glowing light and trackpad over doubling my battery life compared to when used with PS4.

0V3RKILL Avatar
1 Year ago

awds and a joystick. no controllers allowed in this pc gamer's house

VeganGaro Avatar
1 Year ago

To late, got a STEAM controller instead! haha