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Ducky’s limited edition 711 keyboard literally uses ALL THE SWITCHES

Ducky One Limited Edition 711

If Cherry have made a mechanical switch then Ducky have jammed it into their limited edition Ducky One 711 mechanical keyboard. There are 11 different kinds of Cherry MX switch used inside their new board. Yup, eleven. On the same board.

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So it’s not just a clever name, then. The 711 name breaks down with this limited edition Ducky One board having seven different colour LEDs in different backlighting zones (blue, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and green) and those 11 different switches. The different Cherry MX switches used are: Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, White, Green, Speed, Silent Red, Silent Black and Tactile Grey.

Ducky One 711 Switches

The different LEDs and switches are grouped in different places, for example the numpad uses the stiff, clicky Green, while the main keys on the board use a quicker, more lightweight linear switch.

And when Ducky say this is going to be a limited edition release they aren’t kidding. A Ducky representative told me today they were only making 1,999 of the boards for the entire world. So, er…good luck tracking one down.

You might have better luck with their other limited edition board, the Ducky Year of the Rooster keyboard. As is Ducky tradition, they’ve created a special Computex board, which this year features a hand-crafted ceramic plate which indicates what colour of Cherry MX switch the board uses.

And they’re creating a few more of these than the Ducky One 711, they’re manufacturing 2,017 of them. Well, parts of them are made by hand, after all.