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This new highly-rated deckbuilder is chaotic in the best way

A high-energy 2D fighter with deckbuilding mechanics called Duelists of Eden is rightfully earning loads of praise from PC players on Steam.

Duelists of Eden

Duelists of Eden is winning over hearts and minds on Steam, and for good reason. The 2D deckbuilder game is frenetic, dynamic, and chaotic in an extremely fun way.

It’s brand new, having only been released on March 7, 2024, but that hasn’t stopped doting PC players from praising Duelists of Eden on Steam. So far, 96% of the 162 user reviews are positive.

For the uninitiated, the card game is “set after the events of One Step From Eden,” according to publisher and developer Thomas Moon Kang. “Build your custom deck and battle online in real-time action! There are over 14 unique characters with strengths and weaknesses to encourage creative spell combinations and synergies. Will you combo slashes, fire, or even use bombs to eliminate your competition?”

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Reviews specifically talk about the dynamic gameplay, which goes at a blistering pace and challenges you to think on your feet. User _unseen writes, “Players asked for online PVP with custom rollback netcode, and the dev delivered. Then, he only charged $5 for the game and made it so all cosmetics currently are unlockable by playing matches.

The review concludes, “I believe he severely over-delivered and would recommend this game to anyone. This is easily worth much more, and I believe he’s being extremely generous with the loyal OSFE [One Step From Eden] players. Super fun to play, and I can’t wait to try out all the different builds and strategies.”

The enthusiastic fan response and the unique blend of mechanics the game uses immediately caught our attention when it was released, and it looks like this could be a cult hit for its small community. It’s also 10% off on Steam currently, making it a steal at only $4.49.

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