You can now “get married by Duke Nukem”

Voice actor Jon St. John has become an ordained minister

You might think fictional action hero Duke Nukem’s the last guy you’d want turning up at a wedding, what with his interesting commentary on life’s events and the possibility that he’d have a bunch of angry aliens in tow. However, it looks like you’ll now have the option of being married by him, in a manner of speaking – Duke Nukem voice actor Jon St. John has just become an ordained minister, and is now performing wedding ceremonies.

The actor, who has voiced Duke Nukem in the game series of the same name since 1996, has announced on Twitter that he’s just become qualified to carry out weddings. He says “I am now an ordained minister and will be performing my first wedding ceremony this Saturday. So yes, you can get married by Duke Nukem.”

Judging by the comments that have followed the post, it looks like the people of Twitter are pretty excited about the news, with many quoting some of Duke’s famous lines back, some with suitably wedding-related twists.

One fan has even now said “okay, that’s it” – they’re going to ask their partner to marry them, to which John has responded, “if you do… it would be an honor to be a part of it!”

Some have also enquired about whether the actor would be willing to conduct weddings in the voice of another character he’s known for – Big the Cat from the Sonic the Hedgehog game series. Happily, he’s said yes, “of course.”

Whether it’s Duke Nukem or Big the Cat you’d be interested in as your choice of wedding minister, it looks like you’ll now have the option for either, courtesy of Jon St. John. Yeah, piece of (wedding) cake!