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Dune: Spice Wars Early Access release date - 4X game out soon

The Dune Spice Wars Early Access release date for Steam is revealed for later this month, and the Fremen are confirmed for the 4X game's fourth faction

The leader of the Fremen faction, revealed alongside the Dune Spice Wars early access release date

The Dune: Spice Wars Early Access release date is now revealed for Steam, and the 4X game will breach sandworm-like later this month. Furthermore, the fourth faction for the strategy game is the planet’s native Fremen – and yes, they can ride the worms.

It was only announced a few months ago, but now Funcom and Spiro Games confirm that the latest game in the Dune-iverse is launching in Steam Early Access in a few weeks. This version will include the single-player campaign and four factions, with multiplayer coming at a later date.

The native Fremen of Arrakis were teased as the game’s third faction before that was confirmed as the Smugglers, but now Spiro Games has confirmed them too as the fourth faction. The Fremen leader is Liet Kynes, who was played by Karel Dobrý in the 2021 movie and is similarly female here (Kynes was male in the original novel). The Fremen are stealth-focused, are experts in ambushes, can hide in sandstorms – and yes, they can ride the mighty sandworms too.

Dune: Spice Wars release date

Dune: Spice Wars will release in Steam Early Access on April 26. This date was actually leaked last month thanks to a Steam update. There currently isn’t a price point, although it will apparently increase when the game leaves Early Access in around a year’s time.

As for the Fremen faction, here are the main units:

  • Warriors – masters of the sandy Arrakis terrain.
  • Infiltrators – stay invisible until they strike, breaking an enemy’s will and focus when they do
  • Skirmishers – use grenades to ambush armoured units.
  • Fedaykins – elite Fremen soldiers that use sound to attack.
  • Kulon Caravans – hold the clan’s water supply, these can set up temporary camps to heal units.

Dune Fremen faction units

Dune: Spice Wars is unlikely to get Dune 2’s House Ordos just yet, but the older strategy fans can dream.

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