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Dark and Darker rival has one final free playtest before Steam launch

Dungeonborne, a PvPvE dungeon crawler looking to rival Dark and Darker, is having one final playtest before a Steam Early Access launch.

Dungeonborne Steam final playtest: a close up of a knight in rough, marked, armor

Ever since Dark and Darker sprang up, rivals have come for the throne. Now that the Ironmace dungeon crawler is back on Steam, you’ll want to know about the competitors, too, and Dungeonborne is one of the most promising. With a final playtest coming soon ahead of the Steam Early Access launch, this PvPvE adventure will let you try it for free one last time.

After massive popularity at a Steam Next Fest earlier in the year, Dungeonborne is back one final time before a full launch. With seven classes on offer, your goal is simple: either alone or in a group of three you explore the dungeon, get loot, and get out. The only problem, there are skeletons, minotaurs, werewolves, little goblins, and all manner of creatures trying to kill you, so be careful.

You can use traditional medieval weapons or sorcery in the RPG, and trade them into an auction house to get new gear between runs. There’s even a 3v3 arena mode if you get tired of dying in the depths of the dungeon and would rather die at the hands of another player instead.

Developer Mithril Interactive says there are three reasons for the final playtest: to ensure a smooth launch, to offer transparency, and to build hype. “We’ve packed the last few months with tons of updates and new features and we need your thumbs-up,” Mithril says of a smooth launch. The team reiterates that Dungeonborne will be a paid game, and wants the final beta to let players make “an informed decision.”

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“Additionally, we want to emphasize that Dungeonborne’s early access is not a short-term gimmick but a long-term commitment,” Mithril continues. “We plan to prove our confidence and determination through continuous content updates, improved anti-cheat and anti-RMT measures, proper marketing campaigns, and other concrete actions.”

The final Dungeonborne playtest starts on Wednesday July 3, with the Steam Early Access release date to be announced after it concludes. You can sign up here, with limited spaces available.

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