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Top zombie survival RPG returns and you can grab it for less than $3

Dying Light is back with the return of the standard edition, coinciding with a massive sale so you can do some zombie parkour for less.

Top zombie survival RPG returns and you can grab it for less than $3: A character from Dying Light hops down from a ledge in the ruined city where the game is set.

Who knew that the combination of zombies and parkour would lead to a truly sublime experience? Developer Techland did, which is why Dying Light still remains one of the best zombie RPGs ever made, even now nearly ten years after its release. To celebrate Zombie Appreciation Month which is definitely a thing, Techland has brought back the standard edition of the game and you can grab it for less than $3.

There are few games that have stood the test of time as well as Dying Light. The survival game has been improved, had a ton of DLC added to it, and even received its own definitive edition a couple of years ago, marking the removal of the standard edition from sale. That definitive edition release marked the end of all development for the game and implied it would be the last we’d see of the first Dying Light.

Not so, as today Dying Light’s standard edition has returned to sale. Serving up less than the enhanced, platinum, or definitive editions, it still contains a huge amount of zombie RPG goodness. Developer Techland states that this re-release is to celebrate 300,000 user reviews on Steam as well as providing a way for people to hop onto the Dying Light train for the first time with a cheaper, more manageable option.

It’s something that’s definitely needed, as the amount of extra content for Dying Light has ballooned since its launch way back in 2015. With over thirty pieces of DLC available, plus patches, updates, and more, it’s probably a lot simpler to just head back into the base game with fewer bells and whistles occluding the fun.

There’s still a lot to bite onto here, as the original game covers a huge open world set in a zombie apocalypse, with a dynamic day/night cycle that is unparalleled in how terrifying it can be once the sun goes down. It also features some of the best parkour you’ll find in gaming, at least outside of shining-white cities in dystopian cyberpunk futures.

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Dying Light is back on the Steam store and you can grab it with 85% off, taking it from $19.99 / £13.99 to $2.99 / £2.10. This offer will last until Sunday May 19 so act fast and head over to the game page now.

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