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Writers from The Witcher 3’s best quest are working on Dying Light 2

dying light 2 bloody baron writers

Dying Light 2’s big name writer is Chris Avellone, but it takes more than one person to put down all the words necessary to fill a game of this scope. Those additional writers include the people responsible for The Witcher 3’s best story – the Bloody Baron quest.

The sequel to Dying Light is set to be an intricate, branching story with plenty of far-reaching consequences for all your actions. That sounds a lot like the Bloody Baron story to me, which also had the tremendous benefit of believable characters making bad decisions in terrible situations.

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Techland tells VG247 that their plan “is very ambitious, so we knew we needed some help.” That’s why they brought Chris Avellone, the “the master of non-linear storytelling” onto the project. The studio doesn’t name names, but adds that “we also got some additional help in the form of the former The Witcher 3 writing team. Those guys were responsible for some of the best quests from that game including the Bloody Baron quest line.”

They liken their narrative design to a “puzzle,” and the branching choices were a big part of what they showcased in their reveal video, which you can see below.

We don’t have much clue when the Dying Light 2 release date is coming – the gameplay that’s been shown looks impressively polished, though we haven’t seen much more since the Xbox press briefing. We do know the Dying Light 2 setting is meant to be “four times larger” than the first game’s, which is a big undertaking.