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Dying Light 2 director’s “dream” collabs include Mortal Kombat

In an exclusive interview, Dying Light 2 franchise director Tymon Smektała reveals DL2 collabs he wants to see - including Mortal Kombat.

Dying Light 2 director's "dream" collabs include Mortal Kombat: A man with a spear stands on top of a bus as zombies swarm him at night, while he kicks one in the head

In terms of collabs, Dying Light 2 is the gift that keeps on giving. With the Vampire: The Masquerade event live in-game right now, my undead Kindred heart is aflutter with excitement – especially when I remember that there’s a For Honor collab in the works, too. Speaking to PCGamesN exclusively about the new VTM collab, I ask franchise director Tymon Smektała which other IPs he’d like to team up with – and the answers will pique anyone’s interest.

While the Dying Light 2 VTM crossover is all I’ve ever needed, Smektała has a few ideas about future collaborations that could take the zombie game to a whole new level – and I really mean, whole new level.

“My personal dream is to do a Mortal Kombat crossover,” he tells PCGamesN. “So I’ll use [this] opportunity to hype it – maybe Ed Boon and the team will read [this] and get interested in it.

“Aside from that we already have a very, very exciting collaboration with Ubisoft on For Honor, so I hope we’ll be able to double this up one day with Assassin’s Creed.”

Given 2023 has seen the release of new installments in both series – Mortal Kombat 1 and Assassin’s Creed Mirage respectively – now seems like the perfect time to see the likes of Mileena and Basim drop into (or freerun above) the infected-ridden streets of Villedor.

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That’s not all, though, because while these new PC games are shiny and exciting, Smektała also wants to give Dying Light fans a blast from the past by going back to the root of all modern parkour adventures.

“I’d also love to honor the granddaddy of FPP parkour games – Mirror’s Edge – giving our players a chance to play as Faith,” he says, and of all the examples he gives, this is the one that has me the most excited. I grew up playing Mirror’s Edge, using eyeliner to paint Faith’s iconic eye tattoo because I thought she was so cool. Not only that, every building I went into is how I envisioned my future home would look – sure, we’re not quite there yet, but that dream’s still alive.

Playing as Faith in Dying Light 2 would be absolutely amazing – a “dream,” to borrow Smektała’s words. But he tells me that “we’re already working on collabs we could have only dreamt of, so expect some ultra cool stuff coming next year!” Are you excited? I’m excited.

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