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Dying Light 2’s Vampire The Masquerade event may not be the last

Ahead of Bloodlines 2, Dying Light 2's Vampire The Masquerade collab is everything I need, so I caught up with Techland to chat about it.

Dying Light 2's Vampire The Masquerade event may not be the last: A man wearing a black polo neck jumper stands with arms outstretched and a knife in his right hand in a candlelit church area, flanked by two men, one shirtless and the other in a leather jacket, both with mohawks

Dying Light 2. Vampire: The Masquerade. A perfect undead union forged in the fires of hell. As Kindred from across the World of Darkness unite to cause chaos in Villedor, I caught up with Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smektała to chat about the collab in an exclusive PCGamesN interview, discussing its clans and the wider Frightening Halloween event.

The Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 release date is set for fall 2024, and I am suffering. The Beast gnaws as my shadowy heart, screeching and howling, begging to be freed. Thankfully, Dying Light 2‘s new VTM collab will sate my hunger, unleashing The Beast on the zombie game‘s infected-ridden streets, allowing for a night of chaos, carnage, and – of course – some flashy parkour.

When asked why the team chose to partner with VTM, Smektała tells PCGamesN “From the perspective of Dying Light and its community we’re looking at partners who are either very close to us in terms of gameplay feel – horror vibes, night as a gameplay mechanic, etc. – or at IPs that we’re especially excited about as gamers.

“With Vampire it’s the best of both worlds – [the] dark, tense atmosphere of the Masquerade, and the best and strongest representation of vampires in modern pop culture. It’s an honor and a dream come true to partner with Paradox on this crossover.”

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The event will introduce three of the thirteen clans to Villedor: the mysterious Middle-Eastern Banu Haqim, the anarchic Brujah, and the spooky, kooky Tremere. They’re all pictured in the header image of this article, which was sent exclusively to PCGamesN.

While the latter are some of my personal favorites, I was shocked to see the Nosferatu and Toreador left out in the cold – after all, they’re often the poster Kindred of VTM’s World of Darkness.

“When choosing [the clans] we were looking at their ‘iconic-ness’ within the Vampire universe,” Smektała tells me. “It’s a shame we couldn’t do all 13 clans, but then I’m not saying that we’ll not get back to this collaboration at some time in the future!” In what will be news to absolutely no one, I vote for adding Malkavians. Techland, if you need some inspiration, I’m right here.

A shirtless man with glowing symbols carved into his chest attacks a zombie with a sharpened hand scythe

The event sees players seek out vials of Banu Haqim, Brujah, and Tremere blood, which in turn gives them special abilities focused on Combat, Traversal, and Survival. You can use your new abilities to complete bounties and challenges, where you’ll be rewarded with the Banu Haqim’s coveted Bloodbane Blade weapon and, if you really grind, the Banu Haqim outfit.

That’s not all, though, as if the Dying Light 2 community bands together to complete 775,000 bounties, every player will also get the Banu Haqim charm and glider – with the latter being outfitted with a gorgeous night glow effect.

Throughout the event’s duration, you’ll also be able to purchase the Brujah and Tremere content packs, which feature a unique outfit, weapon, charm, and glider. Smektała confirms that the outfits are “purely visual,” it’s the “weapons and blood vials that have some special
effects.” Given I chose to replay Bloodlines as a witchy Tremere, that outfit is a must – but let’s be realistic, I’ll buy them all anyway.

A man wearing a black polo neck jumper and jeans with a weapon strapped to his back with glowing red eyes surrounded by different Dying Light 2 items

Dying Light 2 Vampire The Masquerade event dates

The Dying Light 2 Vampire The Masquerade event begins today, Thursday October 26 at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm BST / 4pm CEST, and runs until Thursday, November 2 at 3am PST / 6am EST / 11am BST / 12pm CEST.

That means you’ve only got a week to complete the bounties and earn yourself all of the different VTM goodies – so act fast. Speaking of fast, I advise checking out our list of the best parkour games while you wait for the event to go live, or our rundown of the best horror games if you’re looking for some more blood, guts, and gore.