Dying Light gets deathmatch mode as dev tools add co-op and PvP

Dying Light dev tools

Ahead of The Following’s February 9 release date, developer Techland has expanded Steam Workshop’s Dying Light dev tools which now include co-op and PvP capabilities. What’s more, the free update now lets players craft their own co-op scenarios and deathmatch maps. 

Zombies. Zombies everywhere. Here. There. And especially in our list of best zombie games.

What’s more again, Techland have given the green light to another fan-made custom map, this time created by player RabidSquirrel. Dont Drown is an island-set, PvP-oriented ordeal that operates a neat flood mechanic with “ever-rising water levels” that “dynamically changes the island while you fight for survival.” The map can be downloaded for free via its Steam Workshop page.

Here’s the latest PvP-inspired update in action:

Bloody hell, there’s more blunt weapon bludgeoning in there than a Saturday night in Glasgow city centre! This’ll tide me over nicely until The Following lands next month. And, you know, keep me out of Glasgow city centre on a Saturday night.

“Just like with the main game we’ve been supporting the Dev Tools for almost a year now, and we’ve already seen amazingly creative stuff from our fans,” says producer Tymon Smektała of the update. “We believe the co-op and PvP support can inspire a new wave of original maps for everyone to enjoy.”