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Left 4 Dead 2 revived by Dying Light collaboration - bring on the apocalypse

The zombie horror titles are coming together for a mysterious although expectedly murderous collaboration

In another announcement for spook month – that’s October to most people – it looks like the zombie survival games Dying Light and Left 4 Dead are getting a crossover event. Announced in a tweet, the details of this collaboration are still unclear; we just know zombies and death are likely to occur.

The collaboration was teased a few days ago by a tweet from the Dying Light account, which used the specific term ‘left 4 dead’ when revealing the results of an in-game event. Maybe a little on the nose, sure, but as we haven’t really heard from Left 4 Dead in years, it could have meant anything. Now we know it was teasing something serious and we can’t wait to see the details.

Players may be surprised at new content for Dying Light, as Dying Light 2 is on the horizon. Continued developer support for a game four years old with a sequel just around the corner is pretty unusual, but it’s nice to have a reason to revisit two beloved games.

I was only recently talking about both of these games with regard to titles that are like The Last of Us but for PC. The crossover comes somewhat out of nowhere given that Left 4 Dead publisher Valve likes to keep to itself, but as long as it’s reaching out, this particular collaboration does sort of make sense. There’s no reason that the freerunning aspects of Dying Light and the crazy co-op madness of Left 4 Dead couldn’t make some beautiful music together, especially since, at their hearts, they know what’s important: Churning through a bunch of brain eaters. Honestly it brings a tear to my eye.

As of now, we don’t know all that much about the collab, or even if it will run into Dying Light 2 – please please please – but noting the success of both titles, and the fact that they’re two of the best zombie games on PC, I hope that them coming together will produce some sort of masterpiece. It has to, right?