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Every E3 2013 trailer for every E3 PC game


How much would it cost you to fly to E3 right now, do you think? Well I’ve just checked with Branson: if you wanted to fly to Los Angeles today it would cost you £2,055.65, including taxes, fees, charges and carrier imposed surcharges. But what if I told you we could bring you the best of E3, right now, for absolutely nothing? “You’re a madman, get out of my house,” you’d surely scream as you grab your monitor with both hands, lifting it from your desk and hurling it at the wall, “there’s just no way, PCGamesN!”

But there is. We’ve spent hours compiling almost all of the E3 2013 PC trailers and sticking them into one convenient, all-encompassing post, which is as good as, nay, better than, flying over there and clapping eyes on them yourself. That’s a promise that you can take to the bank and deposit in your “betta believe it” checking account. Awww yisss. 

Battlefield 4is a shooting game in which every vehicle you’re in flips over into the sea and every building you stand in crumbles beneath your feet

DICE / out October 2013

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Painhas honest to goodness horse-based stealth, and is“likely” to come to PC, we’re politely informed

Konami / no PC announcementyet

The Witcher 3: Wild Huntwill have miles and miles of world to get lost in, and then found in by man-eating ogres

CDProjekt / out 2014

Titanfallwill have you running up walls, firing chunky guns, and piloting Titan mechs that fall from the sky

Respawn / out Spring 2014

Dark Souls 2has the slicing and dicing of many a man and demon. It might be quite difficult, too

From Software / out 2014

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfareputs craters in your rosebushes

PopCap / out later this year

Star Wars: Battlefronthas returned from the dead, just like that Jedi fellow did in one of the films

DICE / out a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Dragon Age 3: Inquisitionhas dragons, violence, and every kind of sex the human brain can conceptualise

BioWare / out Fall 2014

Mirror’s Edge 2is finally a real thing, with running and jumping and slow-motion-hitting-men-in-the-face

DICE / out when it’s damn ready

Command & Conquerhas some sassy generals, along with nukes and plenty of explosions

Victory Games / out when its build queue finishes

The Crewlets you get all fast and/or furious on all the roads in the US of A

Ubisoft Reflections / out early 2014

Rocksmith 2014is one of the few games for which the phrase “it will make your fingertips bleed” is not an exaggeration

Ubisoft / out October 2013

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flagwill have pirates in the Carribean, but of the historically accurate variety. No Depp here m’hearties

Ubisoft / out October 2013

Watch_Dogsis a weirdly prescient game about hacking into the personal details of random individuals

Ubisoft / out late 2013


Infinity Ward / out November 2013

The Elder Scrolls Onlineis everything you love about Skyrim, invaded by a million other players

Bethesda / Out 2014

Trials Fusionhas bikes, but this time from the future. Future bikes!

Ubisoft / out in the future

The Divisionthrows you face first into a plague-torn MMO city with nothing but a gun and a Google Maps hologram

Ubisoft / potentially coming to PC, maybe

The Walking Dead: 400 Dayshas five characters that may all potentially break your heart

Telltale Games / out soon (2013)

Mad Max, the game of the film inspired by books that inspired games that inspired films that inspired this

Avalanche Studios / out 2014

Batman: Arkham Origins, in which Bruce tackles the adminstrative affairs of his estate, managing his taxes which he admits “are an absolute nightmare”

Warner Bros. Montreal / out 25th October 2013

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tastyis Abe’s Oddysee updated as not to offend your modern HD eyes

Just Add Water / out when its done (probably this year)

LEGO Marvel Super Heroesdoesn’t even have Batman in it, gosh, what an oversight! And now that you mention it, where’s Superman?

Traveller’s Tales / out later this year

Thiefhas much to prove. Its open ended and violence-permitting pilferosity is blessed news for newcomers, cursed news for curmudgeons

Eidos Montreal / out 2014

Take On Mars, unless you won that competition to “win” a one-way ticket to Mars, this is as good as it gets

Bohemia Interactive / out later this year

Saints Row IVhas firework cannons positioned on the White House front lawn to fend of alien aggressors

Volition / out August 2013

Transistorwill sing beautiful music to you

Super Giant Games / out 2014

DayZ: Standalonehas all of the zombies, none of the Arma 2, so it should actually work now

Bohemia Interactive / out when patient zero escapes the facility

Castle of Illusionis bright, bouncy, and warming. Unfortunatley not called ‘I Love Mickey Mouse’ as it is in Japan.

Disney / out Summer 2013