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EA appoint Matthew Bromberg as new head of Bioware


It’s been almost a year since doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk announced they were stepping down as heads of Bioware. Since then the developer’s various studios have been operating without an overall leader. EA have stepped in and appointed a new head.

Previously general manager at Bioware Austin, he will now oversee all the studios.

GI.biz report that Bromberg spent four years as CEO of Major League Gaming before taking on the general manager role at Bioware Austin in 2012. While there he oversaw Star Wars: The Old Republic’s transition from subscription to free-to-play. Something he wasn’t convinced would work.

Jeff Hickman will replace Bromberg as general manager at Bioware Austin. Previously he was executive producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Presumably someone will take his role, and someone will fill that role which is now vacant, and so on, in what resembles a version of ‘There were three in the bed and the little one said…’ being played in reverse. (I heard that if you play that record backwards it sounds like Britney Spears reading Kafka in an Irish accent.)