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Steam hardware survey shows HTC Vive users are double that of Oculus

HTC Vive

Valve just released the Steam hardware survey for July 2016 and it shows that twice as many people own HTC Vive as Oculus Rift, from the percentage surveyed.

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Of the people surveyed, 0.18% are using Vive and 0.09% are using Oculus, suggesting VR is quite a ways off being mainstream at the moment. That HTC Vive price hike won't help, either. Thanks, Brexit. 

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Elsewhere, Windows 10 is leading the operating system race, with a whopping 44.93% of those surveyed using the OS. This has risen 1.99% in the last month and it will be interesting to see if that changes now it's no longer a free upgrade. 

It's worth noting that this is only a sampling of Steam's audience, but even 1% of over 100 million people is a lot of people, so it's likely a meaty portion. 

You can check the full stats out over on the Steam hardware survey

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Bush avatarnu1mlock avatar
Bush Avatar
1 Year ago

It should be pointed out that the Oculus Rift has its own store and owners of the device may not even have or run Steam.

nu1mlock Avatar
1 Year ago

While this is certainly the case, chances are that the vast majority of Oculus users does run and have Steam. It's highly unlikely that more than half of Oculus owners doesn't run Steam at all, meaning that there are still more Vive users than Oculus users.