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Echo Arena, the VR frisbee sport, will launch for free

Echo Arena

If The Order: 1886 was criticised for being visually spectacular but mechanically uninspired, Ready at Dawn’s next game is the opposite. Echo Arena might look barebones, but its promise of ten-person VR multiplayer in zero-g isn’t quite like anything else.

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The game will be free for Oculus Rift owners at launch on July 20th, Ready at Dawn announced at E3’s Intel Conference – joining a list that includes Epic’s Robo Recall.

While Echo Arena is a multiplayer sport played with frisbees, it’s the counterpart of a story-driven single-player game called Lone Echo, also out on the same day. That’s a fairly different proposition, in which you’re accompanied by a voiced NPC, but features the same zero-g movement inspired by footage of the International Space Station.

Eve developers CCP have their own take on neon VR sports in Sparc – but it’s now expected to come only to PlayStation VR. Hopefully we’ll get it eventually, but for now there’s Echo Arena.