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No Man’s Sky meets Sea of Thieves in new clockwork airship RPG

Echoes of Elysium looks to take you to the skies in a co-op survival RPG inspired by ancient Greece and a boatload of steampunk airships.

No Man's Sky meets Sea of Thieves in upcoming clockwork airship RPG: A large clockwork airship hangs in bright azure skies with floating islands dotted around.

If there’s one thing missing from ancient Greece, it’s the depressing lack of clockwork airships. Thankfully, developer Loric Games is looking to rectify that with the upcoming Echoes of Elysium, a steampunk survival crafting RPG game set in the heavens. Set on the mythical world of Elysium, this co-op crafter will see players build and maintain their own airships, exploring a procedural world filled with ruins, dangers, and mysteries.

Taking cues from No Man’s Sky with a smattering of Sea of Thieves, Echoes of Elysium looks to combine the tense thrill of piloting a ship with your friends with the free-form survival game aspects of being out in an open, hostile world. Most of which takes place on a clockwork airship you’ve built and designed yourself with excursions to the many floating islands that dot the skies.

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Developer Loric Games is keen to make clear that while Echoes of Elysium is an open-world survival RPG game, there’ll be an overarching narrative too. The Goddess Lethe will be guiding you as you journey through the world, aiming to keep you on the right path as you try to save Elysium from (almost) certain doom. In addition, there’ll be a player progression system that’ll see you gain new abilities, craft weapons and armor, and level up to ensure you’re able to take on the many enemies lurking out there amongst the clouds.

While solo players will be able to dive in and play by themselves, the game has been tuned for parties to take on its challenges. Players will be able to form fleets of airships as they explore Elysium’s skies, seeking out treasure, adventure, and bosses to slay. We also imagine there’ll be a fair amount of falling off floating islands and being pushed overboard, if our co-op experiences in other games are anything to go by.

A character sits warming their hands by a fire, beneath them the ground slips away showing a lake surrounded by trees, beneath a wide purple sky

We’ve seen a fair few survival RPG games arrive in recent years, from blockbusters to indie titles that have struggled to make a dent in an increasingly crowded and rambunctious market. Echoes of Elysium, made by developers with experience working on Dark Age of Camelot, looks like it may just be a breath of fresh air for the genre. Quite literally, this is a game about soaring through the air, after all.

There’s no release date announced as of yet but eager aeronauts can head over to the Echoes of Elysium Steam page to add the game to their wishlists. For those looking to get more information on the game, Loric Games promises a more in-depth gameplay trailer will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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