Souls-like battle royale Egress adds new characters, and one has a giant raccoon

Souls-like battle royale, Egress, adds five new characters to its spooky roster

The Lovecraftian RPG, Egress, has launched its battle royale mode and added five new characters to its creepy roster. And you’re right – Egress was initially sold on being a Souls-like battle royale, but apparently it’s only in the latest update that developer Fazan is willing to label it as such.

Egress takes place on a mysterious island called Innsmouth, all inhabitants of which have gone mad. Your goal is to escape the level before it floods, hunting loot to help you out and battling other players in Souls-like PvP combat. Each character has a unique background, design, and abilities, and the newcomers fit perfectly with the kooky and spooky world.

Lizard is, as you might expect, a humanoid reptile and a survivor of The Order – an evil cult – and their experiments with ancient artifacts. There’s an ex-soldier, the City Guard Chief, and a gunsmith named Kate who wields a multi-barreled gun. A member of a group called the Cultists wants to awaken the god that lies in the depths of the sea, and the last character, Elly, is a creepy orphan with a giant, rabid racoon as her fighting partner.

Here’s some footage of the game, which is currently in Early Access.

These five heroes will be joining a host of other characters, such as the Hunter, the Guardian, and the Alchemist. You can take a closer look at them all by browsing Egress’ Steam page.

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Drawing on elements of survival horror, battle royale, Soulslike ARPG, and hero shooter Egress is an eclectic mix of genres and styles. It launched into Early Access last November and has been making steady progress ever since.