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How to unlock Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes fast travel

One of the strangest and funniest characters in the game is tied to the fast travel mechanic in this epic JRPG – here’s where to find her.

character art of carrie from eiyuden chronicle in hishan

Can you fast travel in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes? You’re going to be running around across the continent of Allraan to assemble a mighty force to stand up to the Galdean Empire as you play this Suikoden-inspired JRPG, and you may wonder after the first few hours – especially when you backtrack to recruit a colorful new hero – if you can simply fast travel to locations you’ve visited. The short answer is yes, you can – but not right away.

Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes is a massive JRPG with almost as many minigames as it has heroes to collect. One of these is Beigoma, a Beyblade-inspired minigame that you may have missed. Luckily, we’ve got a Beigoma guide to make sure you don’t miss out. And if you’re looking to collect as many heroes as possible, you should take a gander at our all Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes characters location guide.

carrie agreeing to fast travel in eiyuden chronicle

How to unlock Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes Fast Travel

Like many mechanics in Eiyuden Chronicle, fast travel is locked behind recruiting a specific hero. Luckily, recruiting the hero in question is part of the main story. Unluckily, you won’t meet her until after about 10 hours of gameplay – so don’t fret about backtracking to recruit heroes in areas you’ve already visited until you do.

The hero in question is aptly named Carrie, and she has the unique ability to teleport your party of heroes from one place to the next at will. You will meet Carrie in Hishan, the capital of the Euchrisse area of the game. You’ll arrive in Euchrisse after traveling through the Treefolk Village; however, you will not meet Carrie in Hishan until after you attend the meeting with the king of Euchrisse at Hishan Palace.

Afterward, Carrie will suddenly appear in three places as she fails her teleportation spell in hilarious fashion. You must run into her three times at these locations in Hishan.

Where to find Carrie in Hishan

  • East of the blacksmith
  • In front of the windmill near the northeastern exit
  • In the southwest area across the southernmost canal

If you’re having trouble finding her, systematically run through the horizontal walkways in Hishan, which should only take a minute. With her as part of your retinue, you can now fast travel to any area you have already visited. What’s more, Carrie is also required to progress the main story through Hishan Old Town.

While you must take her with you to Hishan Old Town, she does not have to be in your immediate party to fast travel. You can simply select a location from the map menu or speak to her back at your headquarters. That said, she wields powerful teleportation magic that deals blunt damage to foes.

With Carrie unlocked, you’re now set to explore the continent of Allraan to its fullest, collecting over a hundred heroes as you go. Once you’re done collecting them all in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes, you should check out the best JRPGs to continue feeding your addiction to melodramatic, anime-inspired plots.