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Elden Ring speedrun world record is now nine minutes, gosh

The first sub-ten minute Elden Ring speedrun world record is now recorded - in fact, it's under nine minutes at this point, making us all look normal

Blaidd is not impressed by the Elden Ring speedrun world record being under 9 minutes

The new Elden Ring speedrun world record is set at a brain-melting nine minutes, with the first sub-ten minute runs recorded – in what is supposed to be a massive open-world game – less than 24 hours after we were all impressed by the fancy new warping glitch and the 12-minute record.

Just a few weeks ago, everyone was shocked when Twitch streamer Distortion2 completed Elden Ring – a gigantic RPG game that most players have spent dozens or even hundreds of hours in already – in under 30 minutes. Yesterday, Distortion2 knocked that down to just over 12 minutes thanks to a new blocking exploit that warps players over the map.

The only thing holding back the record from going any lower was the necessity of defeating Malekith, although it was suggested that a quicker time – with a full pacifist run – was possible if runners could find a way to warp away from Malekith. Well, they have. G1nnz and Mitchriz were the first streamers to record a sub-ten minute run before Distortion2 knocked it down to under nine. I spent longer than that tweaking my character’s eyebrows.

You can check out the current record below. Distortion2 says he will “keep grinding” this method to get under seven minutes. These streamers are crazy (Asterix reference, folks).

YouTube Thumbnail

We’re pretty sure the final speedrun will just be the Bandai Namco logo followed by the credits rolling.

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