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Elden Ring speedrun record is now under 30 minutes

There's a new Elden Ring speedrun record that's half the one from last week

There's a new Elden Ring speedrun record of under 30 minutes

Elden Ring is a massive and challenging open-world game that most players will spend dozens of hours exploring, but speedrunners are taking the game’s size itself as the ultimate challenge. Now someone has taken on the Elden Ring speedrun world record and brought it down to under 30 minutes.

It was incredibly impressive when player niko bellic beat one of the biggest and best RPGs on PC in under two hours barely a week after launch. It was even more impressive when classic Souls runner LilAggy recorded the first sub-hour speedrun. Leaderboards on Speedrun.com and the SpeedSouls wiki still aren’t available, but there’s already a new time – and, once again, it’s halved the previous record.

Today, runner Distortion2 streamed a brand new Elden Ring speedrun record that, at the final count, clocks in at a ridiculous 29:27 minutes. I spent more time in the game’s character creator than that. The streamer actually recorded several record-breaking times in the last few days, but this is the first time that they’ve brought it down to under half an hour.

Distortion2 provided the complete time stats for their run, which you can stare at in awe below.

You can check out the entire run below. Personally, I’m just stunned by what the streamer does to that Godskin Noble boss in Volcano Manor.

YouTube Thumbnail

Of course, the question now is: can the record possibly go even lower?

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