Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall remake is a free game on GOG

Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall has a beautiful remake available for free on GOG, combining Bethesda’s original open-world RPG with mods and the Unity engine

Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, Bethesda’s seminal RPG, has received a beautiful remake using the Unity engine – and it’s available for free on GOG. Yep. Read that sentence back. I promise you, we’re not making it up. The product of almost a decade of work, which combines the original Daggerfall Unity project with a host of mods developed by the Elder Scrolls community, Daggerfall Unity: GOG Cut brings the 1996 classic to vivid life like you’ve ever seen before.

There’s improved interior lighting, new textures for the NPCs, greater draw distance on the terrain, and even the added ability to pet cats, dogs, and horses, all in a free game. It’s essentially like Daggerfall if it were released today. If, like us, you’ve ever tried to replay this beloved old Elder Scroll, and found it nostalgic, but perhaps more than a little dated, this is the game you’ve been waiting for.

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Gavin Clayton, also known as InterKarma, began his work on Daggerfall all the way back in 2009, developing his own programming interface and planning to create a total conversion mod. This project was abandoned in 2012 but revived two years later as Daggerfall Unity, a remake of the game using enhanced 3D graphics and effects.

Since 2014, several versions of Daggerfall Unity have been released, with eager Elder Scrolls players gradually iterating on the experience with the creation of their own mods. Daggerfall Unity: GOG Cut is a combination of all their efforts – creator GamerZakh has selected the best community mods from the past 8 years and packaged them conveniently together with the original release, creating the smoothest and prettiest Daggerfall experience out there.

“The GOG Cut of Daggerfall Unity doesn’t require any special actions or updates on your behalf,” explains the game’s official listing. “Thanks to settings and mods that were selected by GamerZakh, you can explore the rich world of Daggerfall with enhanced visuals and gameplay. It aims to bring the unique experience of the classic open-world RPG game to a new generation of gamers.”