The best of the Steam Summer Sale deals, day three: just buy Skyrim already‏

Skyrim Spider

The weekend offers no mercy to our shrinking wallets, as day three of the Steam Summer Sale has kicked off with even more games on the cheap. Today is a brawl between zombies and dragons, and the dragons win hands down. If you’re looking for 100+ hour RPGs for silly prices, today is your day.

Here’s my take on the best games to pick up on Day 3’s sales.

Daily Deals:

Skyrim is a game everyone should own already, and for £2.49/$4.99 you really can’t afford to say no. The Elder Scrolls series is one of the best RPG experiences out there, providing hundreds of hours on content. Couple that with a mammoth modding community – made easy with Steam Workshop – you can easily keep the adventure going forever. Even the Legendary Edition which has all of Bethesda’s DLC is only £6.79/$13.59. Buy. This. Game.

Dragon Age: Origins is another of Bioware’s great additions to the RPG genre. It plays much like the Knights of the Old Republic games in the sense that it can be played strategically in an isometric top down view, or in third person for a more personal experience. The story is original and the characters are exquisite: Morrigan is still one of my all time favourite RPG companions. She’s also in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition that was shown off at E3 – which Tim thought looked “stunning” – so you better nab it for £4.99/$7.49 and learn all about her.

The Stanley Parable hasn’t got dragons in it, but it’s still lovely. It’s a first person exploration game where you play as an office worker called Stanley. If you have a small fetish for paradoxes, a love for the movie Groundhog Day, or even just love a good narrative then this game is for you. I can promise that £3.99/$5.99 will purchase one of the most unforgettable gaming experiences you’ll probably ever have.

Flash Sales:

Today’s flash sales aren’t all that noteworthy. If you want a nostalgic weekend then pick up DuckTales: Remastered for £4.07/$5.09. The other games – Rocksmith, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II and Nosgoth – I’ve not played. Maybe you guys could advise on what’s worth picking up.

Community’s Choice:

The best of the bunch has to be Papers, Please. It’s a cold but magnificent point and click game set in a fictional dystopian world. You play as a border guard allowing (or disallowing) people into your country. You’ll be expected to check many different types of documents to make sure people are genuine, and too many slip ups can have some devastating consequences. It has a strong political theme but that shouldn’t put you off: it was one of the biggest surprises of last year. £2.09/$2.99 is a steal.