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The Elder Scrolls Online's beta update is as big as Tamriel

The Elder Scrolls Online beta patch

The Elder Scrolls Online is out now; here's our Elder Scrolls Online review.

The folks over at ZeniMax Online have been busy since the last Elder Scrolls Online beta event ended, it seems. All that unfiltered feedback has led to a gargantuan list of tweaks, bug fixes and improvements. It’s really, really, really long and includes changes to the levelling pace, more orchestral music across all zones, the implementation of new threats from cheeky Molag Bal and hundreds of other things.

You’ll be able to see the changes for yourself if you jump in-game during the next beta event, which will be announced very soon


  • The Elder Scrolls Online v0.18 presents new features in addition to tons of fixes and improvements to existing content based on tester feedback. Here’s a brief overview of what awaits you in this test:
  • Thousands of fixes for quest issues across the entire game.
  • Now after the tutorial completion, new characters will go directly to first alliance city where you will then have the choice to go to the starting islands.
  • Starting leveling is slightly quicker, while higher-level is a bit slower.
  • Implementation of Molag Bal’s newest threat – Dark Fissures, smaller version of Dark Anchors.
  • Player to NPC collision.
  • More orchestral music across all zones.
  • Many gameplay improvements, including balancing and polish to class and weapon abilities.
  • Many updates and improvements to the UI.

Jeremy, Jules and Nick had a natter about their experiences during the last event, and while they were unsure if it would becomes something they'd actually subscribe to, they did find themselves wanting to play a bit more. If you managed to log in a few hours during the last event, what changes were you most hoping to see?


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Max Ursa avatarRuneclaw69 avatar
Runeclaw69 Avatar
4 Years ago

I wish them luck with the game, but not too much luck. I do want to play it but will wait until they remove the monthly fee.

If they had gone the way of Guild Wars 1 & 2, I would have placed a pre-order on ESO, but to pay full price for it now PLUS a monthly subscription is out of the question in today's market.

Max Ursa Avatar
4 Years ago

Oohh tbh im borderline on ESO, they so very nearly have me. I love the crafting and the world it self. There apparently are unmarked areas to run into while out exploring. The achievements list hint at finding unmarked dungeons and special creatures hidden away. I also enjoy finding special pieces of lore in the form of randomly (?) spawning books with a purple glow. If memory serves these also give bonus points but its hazy.

most of all its not a top of the line shiny engine so my chugging rig is able to run it in almost all of its glory.