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Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 brings together the best Morrowind graphics mods


Remember the Morrowind Overhaul mod, which employed an entire suite of Morrowind add-ons to drastically improve the look of the decade old Elder Scrolls adventure? Well, version 3.0 has finally launched. The update introduces an infinitely useful auto-installer, removing much of the hassle involved in prettifying the RPG classic.

From developer Ornitocopter’s site, here’s what’s new in version 3.0 of Morrowind Overhaul:

  • An awesome (super, ultra, extra) auto-installer almost fully automated,
  • An incredibly useful Options program that can auto-change everything for you at any moment (like changing options to improve the performance, changing options to suit your tastes, etc),
  • A LOT of bugfixes (all the known problems are now fixed),
  • New options to choose from and new mods are now included,
  • A LOT of mods have been updated,
  • Improvements on the performance of the game,
  • Cleaner package resulting in less space used,
  • More detailed documentation explaining how to tweak the package and improve performances.

And here’s the thing in action. As with so many graphical update projects, most notably Black Mesa Source, the visuals have effectively been improved in lockstep with our inaccurate memories of how Morrowind used to look. Stupid brains. It never looked this handsome.

Ornitocopter have posted a helpful list of download locations over on their blog, the helpful chaps. Alternatively, if you prefer your Morrowind ported into the Skyrim engine, check out the in-developmentSkywind mod. Aren’t you spoiled?