Sponsored post: Green Man Gaming offer 20% off Skyrim: Dragonborn and 25% off other shiny new PC games


GMG25-T6JV8-1NPBA. Whisper it, carve it into the underside of your desk, recite it to camera and stow the message behind a library tome on microfilm. Whatever you do, don’t forget it – this is your key to games that cost a quarter less.

Games which, as I’m sure you’ve been briefed, include Aliens: Colonial Marines, Dead Island: Riptide and DmC: Devil May Cry. You’re quite sure you haven’t been followed? Right. Hop into this cunningly concealed Sales Chute.

Full disclosure: Green Man Gaming are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN. There’s more about what that means below.

The 25% off voucher code will remain validuntil 4pm GMT on Monday, February 4th, and applies to the following games:

Aliens Colonial Marines
Dead Space 3 (excludes NA)
Crysis 3 (excludes NA)
Sonic All Star Racing
SimCity (excludes NA)
Aliens CM Season Pass
Bioshock Infinite (excludes NA)
Strike Suit Zero
Dead Island Riptide
Omerta City of Gangsters
The Cave
DmC: Devil May Cry

You’ll find a host of other notable offers also available til 4pm GMT Monday. I’ve recanted the best in a missive below, which I’ll require you to burn and then consume after reading.

Skyrim: Dragonborn – 20% off
Awesomenauts and all DLC – 50% off
Worms Reloaded GOTY – 75% off
Deus Ex HR: Augmented Edition – 50% off
Alien Breed Trilogy – 75% off (50% individually)

Elsewhere, there’s 75% off much of the Square Enix catalogue, and daily deals intel suggest will occur today (Sleeping Dogs – 75% off), tomorrow (Just Cause 2 – 75% off) and Sunday (Hitman: Absolution – 66% off). All daily deals will begin at 4pm GMT and close at the same time the following day, as you might expect. But I’ve already said too much. Besides, it’s nearly tea time. PCGamesN out.

Total disclosure: GMG are advertisers and sponsors of PCGamesN, who we are very happy to be working with. They keep us informed about new deals and special offers, but don’t have editorial approval over anything that we write up here. If it wasn’t for them, Julian would have taken out the VC in the bunker exactly as planned, and the world of geo-politics would be a very different place.