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Elite: Dangerous premium beta launches; start selling your worldly possessions

Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta

Elite: Dangerous’ premium beta has kicked off today. And by premium, it means spend $150 for the privilege of playing a game that isn’t ready for consumers. So you’re not a consumer; you’re a beta tester who has paid for the position. 

However, the money you drop now will pay dividends in the future. The $150 nets you the game at launch as well as all expansions. And if it’s still a bit too expensive, you can opt for the $75 version, but you’ll have to wait until premium beta has ended before you can play, and you’ll only get the base game. 

“The start of the Premium Beta phase is another exciting moment in our development – from today we have over 10,000 additional people playing the game,” said CEO David Braben.

“I once again would like to thank all those who played such an important role in the Alpha phase, which is now at an end,” he continued. “We’re looking forward to continuing to collaborate with the expanded community during the beta phase as we deliver greater scale, richer content and ever higher quality.”

If you’ve already pre-ordered Elite: Dangerous, you can now upgrade to the premium beta and get all the bonuses.

Thinking of splashing out? Space ain’t cheap.