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Watch the new Elite: Dangerous Holo-Me character creator do an old Willem Defoe

Elite Dangerous Character creator

Players will soon be able to craft their own starship captain in the upcoming Elite: Dangerous beta, so Frontier have released a video showing the character creator off. It looks brilliant. 

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In the lengthy video, embedded above, Frontier walk us through the creation process. One of the presets is basically a spaceman Willem Defoe.

The character creator will be accessible from your ship at almost any time, and you’ll be able to choose a range of different options for your body, complexion, hair, head, face, and cosmetics.

Gender can be swapped, suits can be adorned with decals, headgear can be selected, and you can even choose whether you want to wear your helmet at all times or only in emergency situations.

The most impressive thing about the tool is how varied it is. If you watch the video, you will see that it’s capable of creating a massive range of human faces, from battle-scarred war veterans to meek librarians.

The Holo-Me commander creator and multicrew capabilities (read: flying with your pals as co-pilot) land in the Elite: Dangerous 2.3 beta on February 26