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Elite: Dangerous is now available via Steam; “no plans” at the moment to supply existing players with codes

Elite: Dangerous Steam

Update: After getting bombarded with tweets, Frontier is now looking at the possibility of providing Steam keys for existing Elite: Dangerous players. 

In an unexpected surprise, Frontier have docked their space-simulator, Elite: Dangerous, within Steam, allowing budding new commanders to use the worlds biggest PC service as their gateway to the stars. But existing players hoping to use the features that come with Steam integration will miss out for the time being.

“Current players will not be receiving a steam code in current plans,” stated Frontier’s Twitter. “We are assessing player feedback.”

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The reveal broke via the developers Twitter account:

But when a fellow player asked if existing buyers would be able to migrate over to Steam as well, Frontier clarified that it currently isn’t an option:

Do you prefer to play your games through Steam, even if they don’t originate from there? Can it be a deal breaker?